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* Promotions shown in the video are subject to change without notice. Consult conditions with your GPB Golf representative

Total Control

Real-time access to your ball dispenser’s usage and revenue data. Check the profits of your practice area with just one click using your personalised free portal.

Attract new customers

We offer a single App which is valid for all associated golf courses. Yours will be visible to the hundreds of users who are already part of the GPB Golf community. They will choose your facilities over those of your competitors.

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Bring your practice area up to date, and effortlessly immerse yourself in the digital age. Ensure the health and safety of your golf course without any investment and upgrade the ball dispenser machines you already have.
It's time to revolutionise the world of golf!

Advertise yourself at no cost

Launch newsletters and mailings offering your products, services and special prices to all the GPB app users of your practice area. Thanks to your private portal you will be able to manage the users who use your ball dispensers to offer them a unique experience.


Preventing your customers from needing to get change, tokens or cards, they will use the dispensers even more. You will see a noticeable increase in their usage. In addition, you will save on costs and your employees will not have to spend time counting coins.


Digitalise your ball dispenser machines and increase your profits by offering promotions and special prices to your users. You can also create exclusive advantages for your club members. Design your strategy and make it possible with GPB Golf.

COVID FREE Excellence

Consolidate your corporate image as a safe space that meets all health guarantees. Present your practice area as a COVID FREE space, thanks to the use of your dispensers equipped with our contactless technology.

Gain visibility

We share your publications on our social media. This way, we also help you enhance your course’s presence in the most used networks.

GPB Golf

We now this is a new and tough situation. For this reason, we offer the best offer posible to help you with the reopening of your course.


  • Try our service during one month for free. No commissions, no obligation and no initial investment. We will create a proposal that you can simply not turn down.


  • No installation or maintenance costs. Try GPB Golf and decide if you want to continue with us after the 1 month trial period.


Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers

The installation will start approximately within 15 days since the signature of the contract. The instal. The technician will need total access to the ball dispensers while doing the installation, however he will be happy to provide ball baskets to the users.

Yes. You can directly create “Staff Users” from the web platform we will provide you. You will be able to directly manage these users. They will be free to use the GPB Golf app in your ball dispensers without applicable commission.

With GPB Golf you can promote the use of your driving range more than ever. You will be able to enable “Member Users” and apply them special prices, discounts, or even allow them use the ball dispensers for free. You can – for instance- create special events like Member’s Day to increase affluence and income, or modify prices to your benefit.

Of course. GPB Golf does not disable in any way the payment system you already have. On the contrary, we complement them. That is one of the reasons why you will get more benefits. 

All conditions will apply equally. We will install our hardware in all your ball dispensers at no extra cost. You will be able to control all the machines independently from your personal web platform. 

Installation and maintenance are free of charge. A small commission will apply depending on the usage, this means it will depend on how many baskets are were bought using the GPB Golf app. The more people use it, the lower the commission to apply. 

Feel free to contact us and ask for a personalized proposal. We are open to negotiate, our aim is to work together!

We will not charge your clients. They will pay the price you set. Our app can be download for free and is available for Android and iOS. Also, the costs for the money deposits in their GPB Golf wallet will be assumed by us.

Only 1€. All users can make unlimited top ups to be used in all the golf clubs that have joined the GPB Golf network. 

First, we will send a personalized email with a daily report to all golf clubs. Second, you will be able to access to your balance using your web portal, at any time.

Nowadays the control of the ball dispensers are sometimes imprecise. GPB Golf will help you manage them and make them profitable.

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