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Practise your swing in a click

Use your smartphone to pay on the ball dispenser machines of all your favourite golf courses.

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How does it work?

Activate your account

Create your account within a minute and log on the GPB Golf app. You are now almost ready to start practising.

Start practising

GPB golf app will automatically detect the golf course you are in. Either using your cuarrent location, or scanning the QR code stamped on the ball dispenser. You are just one click away from getting your golf ball basket!

Make a top-up

Top-up in a easy, quick way and secure. The money in your wallet will be non-expiring and can be used in different dispensers. Also, you can securely save your favourite credit or debit card for future transactions.

Start practising

Confirm the ball dispenser you want to use and press the pay button. Let’s start perfecting your swing!

In all your favourite golf courses

We are currently in business expansion. GPB Golf app will be soon available all over Spain. If we are not yet available in your favourite golf course, pelase contact us using our contact form.

Trusted security

GPB Golf uses the most reliable payment systems. Your top-ups are always proceed using our bank-certified in-app payment. You can safely save your card for future transactions with all the guarantees.

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Without cash or cards

Forget about cash, tokens and cards. For now on, you will only want to use GPB Golf app.

Future updates

Join our community and enjoy golf. New updates are yet to come. We will make sure to take your experience on the golf course to the next level.


Tournaments GPB Golf


We updated the Tournament information and also made some performance improvements for you and for the clubs. It is now much easier for clubs to publish their tournaments and for you to write to them. Ask your club if the tournament you've been waiting for is now available for registration. Good luck!


Now you can buy offers of basket packages at the best prices. All you need to do is to select your favourite machine and click on the Offers button. Then choose the offer you prefer, at the best price.

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Want more information?

Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible